Saturday, May 16, 2009

Summer is almost here!

Asalamu Alaikom Sisters!

I hope everyone is well, inshallah. I apologize for being away for so long, however, I have been busy enrolling in a nursing program and the hospital I work at has had a HUGE influx of patients due to people wanting surgeries done before summer vacations.

One thing I want to remind everyone of is to protect your sking from the sun. You can still be outside and enjoy the summer while being safe. Sun damage can not only make you look years older than what you truly are, but it can put you at risk for skin cancers which can spread to other parts of your body.

There is one never fail way to protect yourself and not hesitate to enjoy the sun: SUNSCREEN. Never leave the house without sunscreen! I repeat, NEVER leave the house without sunscreen. For us sisters who cover everything but our faces most of the time, the make special suncreens for your face. It is very simple to just put a layer of sunscreen under your make-up, if you wear any.

If you are unfortunate enough to get a sunburn, remember to drink plenty of fluids. Aloe Vera provides temporary relief, but it can inhibit the healing process because it clogs up pores.

I hope this was of assistance to someone out there, remember, if any of you have topics you would like me to write about, just let me know and I will do my best to put up a post as soon as possible.

Take Care!!!

Zawjat Marouane


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  3. As salamu 3alaykum ukhti!
    wat about those sisters who cover everthing even the face and hands?? sis who is a science major in uni said that u get the V-D but ur protected frm the harmfull rays(often)but i always thot it could go thru clothing as i thot a niqaabi isnt tooo diff then women who dont cover the face...