Saturday, May 2, 2009

The "Swine Flu"

Salam to everyone, I just thought a good topic for me to discuss was the most recent public health scare all over the world: Swine Flu (or H1N1 type A influenza).

In my opinion, the seriousness of this strain of flu virus has been way over played by the media. In the United States, this virus has proven itself to be no different than any other seasonal flu that you would catch this time of year. This "pandemic" is also causing other reasons to be alarmed aside from the people being infected. Too many people are freaking out and going to local emergency rooms for no reason. THE SWINE FLU IS NOT A MEDICAL EMERGENCY, it should be taken as one. For example, if your baby has a fever and you take them to the emergency room, you are subjecting them to all of the other diseases and illnesses in the waiting area. You and your children have a much larger chance to contract something in the waiting room than to catch swine flu.

Here are some things to look for (possible symptoms of the swine flu):



3.)Trouble breathing


It is very unlikely you have the swine flu if you do not have a fever!

I will bust some myths about the swine flu:

1.)It is not contracted by eating pork

2.)It is not contracted from pig to human

3.)If medical attention is sought early, there is no medical risk

If you or a family member have some symptoms, please make an appointment at your primary care physician's office, or see your local health department. Please, do not clog up emergency rooms, the will most likely take your temperature, charge you hundreds of dollars and send you on your way.

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