Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Importance of Planning for Pregnancy

So here's the deal: most women plan on having a child one day, preferably when it is conveinent for them. However, it is becoming more and more common for women (even young women) to experience some sort of delay when it comes to the time it takes to conceive. This "new" trend is blamed in part on the declining diet in American women, poor recollection of when their last menstrual cycles were, and the fact that women are simply starting to have children later in life than they used to (because of the desire to have an education, so kudos to those ladies!) There are some things that can assist you when the time comes to make a baby.

1.) Keep track of your menstrual cycles-this way you will know your most fertile days, also, you can over do it when trying to conceive :)

2.)Get into the best shape possible within 6 months before getting pregnant- being in shape and eating healthy helps keep blood pressure under control, and also helps decrease chances of miscarriage.

3.)RELAX-stress (believe it or not) can play a huge part in your fertility, so if you are stressed out about the amount of time it is taking you to conceive, you could actually be causing your body to stop ovulating.

Even though three steps seems too easy and insubstantial, it can make a HUGE difference on the time it takes to get pregnant, and how healthy your pregnancy is. Typically, if it has taken a woman under 32 longer than a year to get pregnant, gynecologists recommend that they see a infertility doctor to help out with the process a little bit (InVitro Fertilization is not the only way to get pregnant if you are experiencing fertility problems, there are other less risky procedures and medications that can be ordered for you).

If anyone has any questions about what I wrote, or would like to see one of the topics I mentioned in more detail, just let me know. Also, if my vocabulary is hard for anyone to understand, just tell me (sometimes it is hard for me to judge what is common knowledge and what isn't since we communicate that way at work)

Salam, take care everyone and encourage your friends to take a peek and share their thoughts with me.

Zawjat Marouane


  1. Nice blog sis!! I am liking what I see, keep it coming. I dont know if I told you this already but I am in pharmacy school so I really enjoy the topics in here.

  2. Thanks inspired! Good luck in pharmacy school. Healthcare is really a great field of work, challenging, and very rewarding.

  3. Welcome to the world of Nursing (it sure is interesting lol). I think there is a growing number of sisters at health care professions, which is just great mashaAllah.

    I think your posts are very common sense mashaAllah, keep them coming, I think our ummah needs to loose "haya" when it comes to HEALTH.

    Monthly breast check up might be something beneficial to blog about, great majority of sisters sure do not do it.. as long as we are young and fit we don't consider ourselves potentional patients really (even every one realizes that anyone CAN get sick).
    I always say that there was no place I saw at once so many women so fit & taking care of themselves as I did at the breast cancer ward subhanAllah.