Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Salam and Good Morning Sisters!

I recently received a question about radiologists and whether or not you can see a radiologist without a physician referral.

According to http://www.radiologyinfo.org/, "a radiologist is a physician who has specialized training in obtaining and interpreting medical images, which makes him or her an imaging expert. These images are obtained by using x-rays (radiographs, CT, fluoroscopy), or radioactive substances (nuclear medicine), others by means of sound waves (ultrasound) or the body's natural magnetism (MRI)."*

As far as I know from my experience in the medical field, a radiologist is usually referred by another physician trying to diagnose a disease process, or injury. Radiologists are also responsible for treating cancer and assisting with non-invasive surgeries using the body's magnetism (usually used for brain surgeries).

So, to answer your question Zombie, a radiologist is typically always used with the referral from a doctor because of the need for an x-ray or radiology to cure, or improve the condition of a disease.

Inshallah, this helps Zombie, and any others who may have been wondering.


Zawjat Marouane

*Info gathered from radiologyinfo.org.

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